– Large selection of more than 30 lip, 15 eyebrow, 4 eyeliner and 12 camouflage colours
– Well combinable with each other – thus providing even more possibilities to fulfil your customers’ individual wishes
– High coverage and colour brilliance
– From subtle to strong – depending on the type and customer wish, ensuring the perfect tone
– 30 years of experience in manufacturing pigmentation colours
– Manufactured in compliance with EU-Regulations
– Continuous quality control
– Organic and inorganic pigments
– No heavy metals, nickel, AZO dye
– Little retouching
– No cancer-causing PAH or NDELA
– Vegan, sterile
– No animal testing
– Very low allergy potential
– High colour stability

Modern, Mini, Classic or Airless?

Our most popular one
The plastic bottle facilitates exact dosage of the pigment.

Our small one
Ideal for testing or for less frequently used pigments.

Our classic one
The elegant glass bottle with the convenient pipette.

Our Airless bottle
Sophisticated design with a convenient pump dispenser. Only available for selected pigments.


• Organic and inorganic pigments
• Perfect colour for every skin tone
• Very good durability

Eyebrow Brown

Eyebrow Chestnut

Eyebrow Chocolate

Eyebrow Coffee

Eyebrow Cognac

Eyebrow Dune

Eyebrow Espresso

Eyebrow Hazelnut

Eyebrow Lava Light

Eyebrow Lava

Eyebrow Olive

Eyebrow Sand

Eyebrow Sugar Brown

Eyebrow Taupe

Eyebrow Tobacco


• High coverage
• Intense colour
• Very good durability

Eye Kajal

Eye Kajal Dark

Eye Smoke

Eye Brazil


• Excellent colour brilliance
• High coverage
• Wide colour selection

Nude Berry

Nude Brown

Nude Love

Nude Rose

Nude Passion

Nude Pink

Lip Colorado

Lip Cooper

Lip Fox

Lip Fuchsia

Lip Light Cherry

Lip Magnolia

Lip Mandarin

Lip Peach

Lip Raspberry

Lip Red Brown

Lip Red Rose

Lip Roxy

Lip Sable

Lip Salmon

Lip Sierra

Lip Soft Bronze

Lip Soft Red

Lip Strawberry Dark

Lip Strawberry

Lip Terra

Lip Terracotta Dark

Lip Terracotta Light

Lip Wild Rose

Lip Amaryllis

Lip Apricot


For PMU corrections of any kind, as well as all other concealing pigmentations.

Camouflage I

Camouflage II

Camouflage III

Camouflage IV

Camouflage V

Camouflage VI

Camouflage VII

Camouflage VIII

Camouflage IX

Camouflage X

Camouflage XI

Camouflage Lemon

our science.

My name is Dr. Sherif Aly. I graduated as PhD at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich – in the field of organic, colour and polymer chemistry. I am responsible for the entire pigment production.

I decided to work with LONG-TIME-LINER® because only the market leader allows me to implement my ideas and beliefs in quality.

We use organic and anorganic pigments which are very kind to the skin. We use as little ingredients as possible in order to prevent allergies. All colours are manufactured in Munich in compliance with the EU-Regulation 2008, as well as the extremely strict German Regulation on Cosmetics and Tattoo Pigments as of 07/2014 and they are tested by independent laboratories.