… and of the highest quality.

– The unique patented magnetic motor ensures a super exact needle guidance – for micropigmentation which is particularly gentle on the skin.
– Where other devices demand to apply pressure for the colour to penetrate the skin and thereby affecting it, the Conture®-Liner DUO device allows you to gently glide over the skin as the colour is effortlessly injected into the skin – or as one of our participants switching from other pigmentation systems put it – “enters like butter into the skin”.
– Developed and manufactured in Germany by LONG-TIME-LINER®, the Conture®-Liner DUO is the most precise pigmentation device on the market.

The perfect support for your art.

– Natural looking Make up – one of the easiest tasks for the Conture®-Liner DUO.
– No other device creates such natural looking fine hair strokes.
– Our special stretching technique ensures smooth contours and fine lines.
– The LONG-TIME-LINER eyeliner is perfect as soft eyelash line enhancement, as a delicate liner for the upper or lower lid or as eyeliner for an expressive bright look.
– The BLU Liner ensures a very natural looking and gentle lip contour and shade.
– “A LONG-TIME-LINER® lip is immediately recognizable.”


The highest-quality micropigmentation device on the market.

The precision device consists of an electronic safety microcontroller and offers the possibility to connect two precision micropigmentation liners. The safety controller ensures a precise, quiet and balanced micropigmentation process, as well as short colour injection times.

Please find all features, advantages and details below …

The possibility of connecting a second liner offers the following advantages:

– Simplified use thanks to the possibility of using two colours simultaneously
– Time-saving
– More efficient work
– A more pleasant treatment for the client

Furthermore, the device has an integrated ink flow and the pigments are filled into sterile disposable modules (no unhygienic dipping in open colour pots). The special vertical lift mechanism allows an even and calm application. When not in use, the pigmentation needle automatically retracts into the disposable module thereby preventing any risk of injury. The disposable module of the “BLU Liner” ensures pigmentation in compliance with the highest hygiene provisions.

– Connectability for 1 or 2 “BLU Liners”
– Elegant, extremely durable, high-quality branded case
– 1 “BLU Liner”
– 4 pigments of your choice
– 20 disposable modules in sterile packaging
– Skin disinfection
– Operating instructions

Price: € 5.450,00 plus applicable VAT

The device may only be used by trained professionals. Information about training in the field of training seminars.


Exclusively designed for beginners.

The micropigmentation device with disposable module. The “Starter” BLU micropigmentation device is your ideal initial equipment or the optimal equipment for your institute.
Developed similarly to the popular Conture®-Liner DUO, thanks to its benefits, you will be headed towards a successful micropigmentation future.

Please find all features, advantages and details below …

Unique top-robust magnet motor operation of the popular “Conture®-Liner DUO” micropigmentation device
– Inexpensive, powerful entry-level model
– Lightweight yet resilient
– Optimal for use on the go
– Easy to operate and effortless use
– Versatile application possibilities
– A thousand and one times proven liner technology

– 1 “BLU Liner”
– 1 “BLU Liner” tray
– 1 220 V – 12 V power adapter
– Foot pedal
– 10 disposable modules in sterile packaging
– Instruction manual

Price: € 2.750,00 plus applicable VAT

The device may only be used by trained professionals. Information about training in the field of training seminars.

Short clips to give you a feel for the standard of the Conture liners.