Results achieved with our technique and our pigments.

Please note that all changes correspond to the aesthetical wishes of the respective client. We give advice and point out possibilities, the decision on the change, however, is taken by the client.

Charmaine wanted to have a clearer lip contour and a hint of more colour, a gentle contour around the eyes, as well as thicker, more emphasized eyebrows.

It was Lisa-Marie’s particular wish for a more beautiful and expressive mouth. Since she is a very fair skin type, we decided on one of our new nude colours. The full eyelash line brings out her eyes and thanks to the soft Ombré Eyebrow shading technique, we emphasized her eyebrows.

Banu wanted to have slightly broader eyebrows, a more intense lip colour and natural looking eyeliner. Putting on make up in the morning is now a thing of the past.
It was Franziska’s wish to bring her distinctive eyebrows even more into focus since bushy eyebrows are still absolutely trendy. She wanted to softly contour her eyes with eyeliner.

Eva knew exactly what she wanted. She wished to have more emphasized eyebrows using our Ombré Eyebrow technique. This means that the eyebrows are pigmented slightly more airy in the front and at the top and more intensively at the end. The result is a very natural colour gradation.

To Samantha, it was important to optimize her eyebrows. She wished to have fuller and in particular longer eyebrows. By lengthening and filling them in, Samantha’s eyebrows finally have the shape she always wanted.

Tringa wished that the scar in her eyebrow is concealed and her eyebrows would appear fuller overall. Furthermore, she wanted to gently contour her eyes since she had always been contouring them with eyeliner.

Gabriele wanted more expressive eyes. We achieved this through eyelash thickening and applying a gentle line on the lower eyelid.

Julia wished that her eyebrows would stand out more and appear more intense. Also in her case, we used our Ombré Eyebrows technique since it perfectly emphasizes the eyebrows, while appearing very natural.

Valentina wanted to have a stronger lip contour and to emphasize her eyes with eyeliner. Furthermore, we slightly filled in her eyebrows.

Julia likes slightly more emphasized eyebrows. Since they already have a very nice shape, we only filled them in by shading them.

Karl thought his eyebrows had faded with time. Therefore, we filled them back in with a very soft shade. To him, it was very important that it was not visible that something had been done.